An Experiment in Rapid Chess Improvement

Record of my experience in undertaking Michael de la Maza's "Rapid Chess Improvement" program.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I've been remiss in posting my games of late, but I've still not broken out of my slump I mentioned in my last post. I have still yet to win a game on my new DGT board (only losses and draws). Most everything is due to time trouble or just spacing out. I've been working on my time trouble and I think it is improving, but there is still more ground to cover.

Slow Games and Opening Repertoires
I've starting playing two slow games per week (about G/120), one against my usual sparring partner OJ and one against fellow MDLM graduate Chris Kilgore. Chris is up 2-0 so far, but I'm learning a lot. Playing more often was a major necessity in my chess improvement. Now that I'm playing more I'm focusing on other areas, mostly on pulling together an opening repertoire since I really don't have one. Sure, there is no substitute for thinking during the opening, etc., but I should have at least a basic idea of what line to play against all the major openings. It's pretty bad when I am out of book against the Ruy Lopez on move four. If nothing else, knowing a little more about the openings will help with my time management and add extra confidence to my game.

Anyway, I'll post some recent games soon.